24. Jun, 2017

The 31st Trusts Art & Sculpture Awards Exhibition 2017

Adult Art & Sculpture AND Emerging Artists 13-18 Art & Photography


JUNE 2017 EXHIBITION : Shifting Identities


Shifting Identities has given me permission to stretch the imagination by implication of certain situations. ‘Shifting’ meaning to alter, move, and transfer while ‘Identities’ offers us characteristic attributes or expected behaviours. I’ve created a small story line to set the scene.

These shifting identities may integrate personal experiences into an internalised evolving story. My interpretation is in the occasional subtle movement in attitude and personality, causing impermanent changes perceived only by the viewer perhaps for only a moment in time.

About the Mt Eden Exhibitions

This is the third year that Murray Noble and I have exhibited in the Mt Eden Village Centre.  

Each year is a new journey into discovery of photography as an art medium.  There is much thought that goes into these exhibitions and it's very rewarding to see the final result 'hung' with many friends and family on opening night.  We thank you for your support.


'Oh What do I See'

Another shape, another form, is she the same as me?  Is she my identical twin or is she a different person with my shape and form?

''Looking Out'

That could be me! Staring out of the window at the world moving slowly past. As if in a dream I’m encased in box in solitude. I could be any of these people drifting by... Is there a desire to want to change and shift identity?

'Moving Within'

Imbedding oneself into the shadows and merging as if one object, shifting the reality to find another...

'Behind a Veil'

To conform with identities that are socially constructed. Looking through a veil and finding that happy sense of just being.

'Shifting Shapes'

Unpredictable social changes in society leads to an awareness of unusual events unfolding, if one is vigilant. Merging with the surroundings and observing.

'In a Haze'

We are all different and take on various guises through formed habits, sometimes permanent at other times impermanent.

'The Secret World of Childhood'

In a world where playtime rules and changing direction 'at the drop of a hat', to have an end goal of enjoyment.