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Artist's Statement

My greatest pleasure is in evolving my art by experimentation with both IMPRESSIONIST and ABSTRACT photography.

It is this aspect of photography which has most captured my interest I suppose this is a strange avenue to take considering cameras and lenses are honed to be pinsharp and accurate, which ensures the viewer is able to easily identify detail and assess a situation at a glance.  

This being said, my imagination takes me to a different place where I want to view my photography through "impressions" and “abstractions” rather than absolutes.  

Through “impressions” of form, pattern, shape and colour and with no beginning or end and no representational elements, I want to take the viewer down a different path of discovery. By immersing myself with what is in front of me and removing the detail, I'm left with rays of light and dark areas, spaces which may not need to be filled and are unidentifiable objects.  

With both impressionism and abstract photography I use the camera as a tool, ‘my paintbrush’. My desire is to alter the context through the lens and create a different visual format.  

These two distinctly different styles are meant to provoke a thought or question through its visual content.

It's a constant journey of discovery which is never boring.