"Leaving Reality" 2015

Joint Artist Statement : Leaving reality

Murray Noble   +   Diane Costello 


If I could again see through the eyes of a child, what a wonderful world it would be … Non-representational, undefined and perhaps even a little absurd.  The storyline is left to your imagination…

The combination of the multiple exposure method employed by Murray and the abstract method Diane uses is a compelling reason for us joining forces for this exhibition.  We are satisfied that the two styles are different while still staying true to the ‘Leaving Reality’ theme.

Murray is an image maker, using the multiple exposure ‘in camera’ method, wanting to tell a story, depict a character, create an impression or simply provide a whimsical perspective.   The “how” these images are created is not a simple one and the proposition of chance which emerges is what excites and encourages Murray to make the next image.   Each combination of images requires some thought and planning with an end result in mind.  And to that end his structuring begins.

Diane operates somewhat differently with the abstract forms she creates.  With the use of lights, glass, flowers, nature or anything with an interesting format, she uses camera and edits images in Photoshop with a minimum of basic adjustments.  Layering and merging of images could be a factor In some images. 

What compels Diane to delve into the abstract space is the fact that it’s a mental association rather than a natural figuration, with no beginning and no end.  The interpretation is open to the viewer.  What makes this unique for her is that it does not impose a bidirectional responsibility as does an image with a specific focal point or subject.